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It's the BEAST!!! Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 11:21 pm
So here is the monster I just pulled of the 60" loom at school--fully 60" wide, about 5 yards long (maybe a little less), 1440 warp ends, 24 e.p.i., 2/8 cotton. The weft is a polyolifin, and for the most part it's plain weave. However, I'm doing a spaced Monk's Belt pattern and I'm going to use the overshot cord to pull the piece in as tight as possible. Then I'm going to steam it for an hour to set the pleats, pull out the overshot cords, and voila! Pleated woven fabric! The heat sets the polyolifin into a new shape permanently--very fun. If anyone wants the draft, I'll try to write it out and post it. I'll also try to show off the finished product.
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scarf done, with a learning experience Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 09:15 pm
Thanks to bluekittyorange and uber_wench for the suggestion of "Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition." I ordered a copy from http://www.abebooks.com and am hoping it will get home before I do. In case you wanted to know, I ended up finishing the scarf in fringe made of 4-strand round braid. It looks pretty swingy without getting too tangled.

The learning experience has to do with the edges of the scarf. Either I didn't have enough tension on the warp or it stretched. The edges of the scarf are all woogedy all the way down. So, anyone have recommendations for next time? I can double-warp the edges, or whip stitch them afterwards...?

(I'm not home so I can't post a picture of it right now.)

fringe out of 60 threads Jun. 7th, 2005 @ 06:56 pm
I have just finished weaving a scarf that has 60 warp threads to it. I can divide that into 15 x 4, but that means that twisting two groups of four and letting them twist together doesn't work.

I am suddenly totally out of interesting ideas on how to tie off the fringe. Help? Thanks!
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Weaving recommendations? Apr. 8th, 2005 @ 12:06 am
Well the semester's drawing to a close and my weaving class will be ending soon. There in lies the problem. I need to start warping a final project on Tuesday, but I've never been able to set one down! Under advice from the teacher I agreed that a bolt of kimono or yukata cloth might be too time consuming, she likes dying techniques but not yuzen, and most importantly, my teacher and I have very different ideas on what weaving should be. I'm not an art student. I haven't taken any of the art classes except ceramics. I like my things 'pretty'. She's you're stereotypical art teacher who doesn't want to be contrained by the medium. One of her favorite artists is a woman who spends months weaving these intricate silk peices and then cuts them up and attacks them with mud and rocks until they're not even reconizable. I consider this ruining a beautiful peice.

Back to the prologue. I'm now desparately trying to find something suitable for Tuesday that at the same time is something that I won't despise working on for the next month. I'm leaning towards doing a shadow weave, but from flipping through Spindle, Shuttle and Dyepot, my favorites so far have been the combination of 2 light colors yet I've been told you have to do dark colors for it to turn out right. Does anyone have any advice? Either recommendation for shadow weave or some other ideas would be truly appreciated right about now! Thanks!

PS I'll try to post some pictures later!

Quick question Feb. 11th, 2005 @ 12:47 pm
Do people usually block their finished weaves? I've got a project due on Tuesday and the teacher recommended that we take them home and wash them first. Should I block it too? If so should I weave in the strings from joins before or after blocking? Also is blocking weaving different from blocking knitting? The piece is all cotton which I've never used before either. Or barring that can anybody point me to some good online weaving sources for finishing? Thank you!
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» The Fire Blanket is off the loom!
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» A quick weaving question
To all of you out there that weave, I have a quick question:

I'm taking a weaving class and the teacher told us not to knot the rope that ties your warp knots to the cloth bar. However, about 12-18 inches into the cloth I was beating hard and I heard a funny noise and looked to see that the bow I had tied had come undone and the rope had gotten loose! Luckily I had looped the weft around the metal bar on each side at 2 different points to keep the cloth spread out so between that and the friction of the cloth on the front beam, it didn't go anywhere. I've retightened the rope and this time I knotted it but will it be okay? The tension feels fine to me, but I'm not good and judging things like that. I'm also worried that the rope will break on me now since its tied rather tightly and the rope we had isn't very sturdy. What do I do if it does? Will it all be okay once I get to the winding the cloth on the cloth bar or can something still go wrong? Thank you!
» Newbie with a Question!
Hi all! I'm gonna do a quickie intro & then get down to my question! :p

My name Kim, I have a Dundas 4-harness table loom that I absolutely love althought I still haven't made anything but scarves on! I've had it for about a year & a half, & I would still consider myself a novice with it.. don't spend as much time weaving as I should.

Anyway, my situation is this.. I am a big time knitter & have just found out I might have carpal tunnel. I have been told not to knit for 6 weeks. So, I need something to do with my hands while I'm veggin on the couch.. so I thought a lap loom would be the perfect solution. So, here is my question. I am trying to decide whether to get an inkle loom or a harrisville lap loom. Can anyone weigh in on this? I really am not sure which to get.. or maybe you have a better suggestion for me?

Thanks! :)
» Introduction
Hey! I don't think I've introduced myself yet, so here I go! I really like this community and I'm looking forward to picking y'all's brains at some point in the future for advice on a weaving research paper I'm going to do later in the semester. I'm extremely excited because I started my first weaving classes on Tuesday! I managed to talk my way into getting to stay in the weaving class offered by the art department at my college even though I'm not an art major. I try to look at it is bringing more general crafting experience to the class. Unfortunately we only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a 3 hour class and there's about 15 of us so its slow going. We haven't finished dressing the loom yet, but each step seems more and more fun and natural to me. ^.^ Anyway for my own benefit I'm keeping track of everything we're learning in the class in my crafting journal, kninja, so that I won't have to bug the teacher so much later in the semester when we start our next project! Hopefully I'll think to bring my digital camera to class so I can add photos detailing my progress. As it is I just have 2 short clips of the yarn I'm using for my warp (burgandy and a dark purple) tied onto my bookbag to commemorate my first weaving project. This is looking to be the best semester ever! Thanks again!
» What crazy stuff do you weave with?
Heya, I hope everyone is keeping warm. I'm freezing my butt off here!
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else here weaves with non-traditional materials.
I love to try crazy things on my loom...stuff like warps made out of fishing line and ribbon.
I have used some pretty fun stuff in the weft too. Twigs and wet spaghetti for instance ;)
I'm looking for new ideas. What kind of wacky stuff do y'all weave with???
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